Officially: Balti is declared the best city in Moldova

Balti municipality won the prize and the first place in the transparency rating of the local authorities. Balti became the only city in the country with “A +” rating according to international criteria, obtaining 83.5 points out of 100 possible

Mayor Balti, Renato Usatyi expressed gratitude to all employees of the city administration and the municipal council. According to the mayor, Balti proved that transparency and the absence of corruption could be achieved even in a single city.

“I want to thank all the employees of the local administration and our municipal councilors for the efforts that have been made in order to achieve such a high result. This is our common achievement. Balti city proved that transparency and the absence of corruption - are not just a figure of speech used by politicians, but something tangible and achievable even in a single city. Even in a country such Moldova. The more transparent the authorities will be, the higher will be the efficiency of their activity. Balti municipal enterprises became an example of this, because most of them after 2015 registered profit, although before that, for decades suffered losses. Today, we improve the situation in Balti together with the citizens, and tomorrow we will modernize Moldova together with its citizens.
The closest competitor - Cahul city was assigned a “B -“rating and 56 points. The awarding ceremony was held during a conference organized by IDIS-Viitorul Institute and the Institute for Economic Reforms and Development INEKO.

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