Renato Usatyi: Dodon is not a gladiator and Moldovans are not slaves

Renato Usatyi commented on the statements of Igor Dodon, who visited the military polygon of Bulboaca. “Despite its steady image of a loyal servant of the parliamentary majority, the president is unhappy, alluding to the slave revolt led by citizen Spartacus. The problem is that Dodon is not a gladiator, and Moldovans are not slaves. If they were slaves, probably, still would have believed him, - wrote Usatyi on Facebook.

- On Sunday, he visited the Bulboaca polygon and stated there that he will direct all efforts to overthrow the government if the parliamentary majority tries to engage Moldova in a regional military conflict. I want to remind you that he does not say this for the first time. Before the election, Dodon, also in oral form, had already “directed all efforts” to overthrow the “Eurounionists”. Instead, immediately after the election, he sat down with them at the negotiating table, announcing the need to “consolidate the consensus”. He made the consolidation until he proposed to introduce the mixed system, which for several years was promoted by Plahotniuc. And just a few days ago, this warrior signed a law allowing foreign citizens to serve in the Moldovan army. It is within the framework of this regional conflict, in which, according to Dodon, Moldova is still only implicated. In fact, he is already implicated in, and the president is helping it, as we can see. He is also a power. So whom did Dodon intend to overthrow? “

We want to mentioned, that Igor Dodon on Monday, August 14, visited the military polygon in Bulboaca. At a briefing on the results of the trip, Dodon said that he decided to “inspect the site in connection with information about the construction of new military facilities with US support.” At the same time, Dodon said he was ready to personally lead the protests if the government, the parliamentary majority or the Democratic Party tried to destabilize the situation.

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