Renato Usatii: It is possible that a raider attack is being preparing on Beltsy

The central authorities, subordinate to the oligarch Vladimir Plakhotnyuk, may resort to raider capture of the northern capital. According to the Mayor of Beltsy, Renato Usatii, the authorities intend to create chaos similar to that which occurs in Kishinev. He stated this in an online broadcast in social networks.

According to Usatii, “among the others, they want to defeat DRSU municipal enterprise which removes street garbage in Corlateni. “They have a contract, under which they have the right to remove branches and leaves,” Usatii said. As the Mayor of Beltsy stated, the initiation of criminal cases will mean that “they want to arrange the same collapse in Beltsy as they did in Kishinev.”

“I do not exclude that they are preparing a raider capture of the city, in order to show that the municipality is allegedly doing nothing. They do not need the most transparent city hall in the country, against the backdrop of that collective lawlessness that occurs in the government, in the parliament,” Usatii said.

“The Chief of Police Alexandru Pynzar constantly visits Beltsy and yells, why there is no criminal case against Usatii, why they did not detain Grigorishin, why they still did not detain Pchela. This is what the Moldovan police is doing today,” the leader of Our Party added.

He addressed his colleagues from the mayor’s office: “I understand it is difficult, but do not worry, we will not leave anyone. Since we have undertaken a mission to clean the country of this corruption “team”, we are obliged to bring it to the end.”

The Vice-Mayor of Beltsy, Igor Sheremet, who participates in the Moscow Urban Forum together with Usatii, also addressed the law enforcement officers: “Act according to the law, and not at someone’s whim.”

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