Renato Usatii published evidence of criminal schemes involving senior management of the Prosecutor General's Office and special services (VIDEO)

There is an organized criminal group in Moldova that specializes in initiation of custom criminal cases against opponents of the oligarch Vladimir Plakhotnyuk, which has an impact on Interpol and other international law enforcement agencies for money and in the interests of criminals. This is stated in the documentary “Moldova – Territory of Lawlessness”, represented by the leader of Our Party, the Beltsy Mayor Renato Usatii.

According to the documentary evidence presented in the film, the organized criminal group included the Prosecutor General of Moldova Eduard Kharunzhen, his deputy Igor Serbinov, the Prosecutor for Combating Corruption Viorel Morar, the Prosecutor for Combating Organized Crime Vitaly Busuyok, the Prosecutor Igor Demchuchin, the Director of the SIB Mihay Balan, the Head of Police Georgy Kavkalyuk. These officials instituted criminal prosecution for tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars. In addition, their services included official correspondence with Interpol and other international structures with a view to end international prosecutions against the “black banker” German Gorbuntsov. In addition, also for bribes, law enforcers instituted a number of criminal cases against Renato Usatii, with the aim of freeing Gorbuntsov from blame and ending his international persecution.

Prosecutors and policemen also coordinated their actions with criminals, providing them with strictly confidential Interpol documents and official correspondence with law enforcement agencies of other countries.

It follows from the correspondence of the coordinators of this criminal scheme – two Russian businessmen – that the whole scheme is patronized by the oligarch and the leader of the ruling Democratic Party of Moldova Vladimir Plakhotnyuk.

It is stated that the purpose of organized reprisal using law enforcement bodies is to “clean up” the political field from the Beltsy Mayor displeasing to the authorities.

In addition, coordinators of the criminal scheme did not hide that Plakhotnyuk promised them to provide an opportunity to tackle the “fish subject” (money laundering through Transdniestria) as payment for their work.

Also, the film shows facts of providing (for money) the contractual nature of judicial sentences against Usatii in all custom political cases.

The Prosecutor General’s Office of Moldova has not yet reacted to the facts of the gravest crimes by senior officials of the prosecutor’s office, police and SIB, as well as the oligarch and leader of the ruling party Vladimir Plakhotnyuk.

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