Renato Usatyi: Plahotniuc is ambitious and his ambitions are sickly

The oligarch Vladimir Plahotniuc has extremely perverted ambitions and, in order to maintain the power, he can even resort to provoke a conflict on the Dniester together with his partner, the president of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko. This was stated by the chairman of “Our Party” Renato Usatyi on the air of Sputnik radio station.

“The situation in Moldova is extremely tense. Today Plahotniuc imagines himself as master of the whole world. He considers himself not only the owner of Moldova, he also believes that he can influence the situation in neighboring Ukraine and Romania, and also in some other European countries. His old scheme, which has more than ten years old - is blackmail of diplomats, deputies of different countries, top officials”, - Usatyi said.

Renato Usatyi stressed that Plahotniuc is very ambitious and his ambitions are sickly”. According to him, the oligarch believes that by using blackmail, he will become “number one”. The chairman of “Our Party” added that “he [Plahotniuc] controls now Poroshenko. Yes, Ukraine is many times bigger than Moldova, Ukraine plays a more important on the world stage”.

“For many years Poroshenko was the partner of Plahotniuc who is a master of blackmail, contract murders and other things”, - Usatyi added, recalling that there is a suspended criminal case in Moldova regarding the president of Ukraine, about which “the whole world can know in a second”.

In this connection, Usatyi stressed that “unfortunately we could not find support in the person of the president Dodon. After all, there is one person in Moldova, and if we cannot get rid of him we will not manage to change anything”. The chairman of “Our Party” also recalled that Plahotniuc used Dodon to change the electoral system.

“Today, our main task is to unite the society. After all, protests and people’s anger are Plahotniuc’s biggest fear. You know, if the “stool” under the authorities wobbles, under Plahotniuc as well, then there will be ten more people like Proca” - he added.

In this context, the leader of “Our Party” added that “If Plahotniuc feels that the opposition is starting to unite and he is a “dead man”, he can unleash a conflict on the Dniester. Poroshenko on the one shore and Plahotniuc on the other.

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