Renato Usatyi congratulated Balti on the temple holiday: We still have a lot of good things ahead!

On May 22, the northern capital of Moldova celebrated its 597th anniversary. The leader of “Our Party” on his social network page congratulated his beloved city on its birthday. ​

“On May 22, on St. Nicholas Day, Balti, Falesti, Basarabeasca, Donduseni and many other settlements celebrate the Temples. I congratulate all their residents on the birthday of the small Motherland.

I wish the Moldovan cities and villages development, and the citizens of Moldova - the opportunity to live and work in dignity. St. Nicholas the Wonderworker is a saint who helps travellers. And I believe that he will help Moldova, which lost its way, whose citizens travel all around the world in search of earnings. By developing our cities and villages, we will ensure their return home.

I would like to say a few words about Balti. Two days ago Balti residents have proved that it is possible and necessary to fight against the wrong and unfair system that exists in Moldova. I congratulate the residents of Balti with the City Day and the Temple of the city. We still have a lot of good things ahead. I wish you happiness, love and optimism because self-sufficiency and dignity you have enough.

P.S. In 1712, the capital of the Russian Empire was moved from Moscow to St. Petersburg. Balti is called the Northern capital of Moldova. However, it is possible that one day Chisinau will be called the Southern, - Renato Usatyi noted.

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