Renato Usatyi revealed Plahotniuc’s and Dodon’s plans to benefit from Moldovan pilots captured by the Taliban

The leader of “Our Party” Renato Usatyi, for about two years, organised an operation to rescue Moldovan pilots captured by the Afghan Taliban in 2015. However, the Moldovan authorities broke it up, trying to benefit from the situation.

As the leader of OP declared on JurnalTV, over the past two years he tried to rescue Moldovan pilots from captivity. According to Usatyi, he had prepared a special operation for the release of the pilots. He said that negotiations with the prisoners have been conducted through an intermediary since September 2017, a fact that was known by the representatives of the Moldovan intelligence services.

According to the prepared operation, the pilots had to be transferred to the Afghan Mazar-i-Sharif, where, in exchange for Usatyi, they had to be transferred to Uzbek Termez and further to their homeland.

However, the efforts of Renato Usatyi were foiled by the Moldovan authorities. The leader of “Our Party” said that although the Interpol suspended his international arrest warrant, he is wanted for arrest in the CIS. More than that, the oligarch Vladimir Plahotniuc and president Igor Dodon tried to benefit from the situation.

“Information has come to my attention indicating that our Moldavian comrades Plahotniuc and Dodon have their own vision of information. They want to give two million dollars and then bring them to Chisinau”, - Usatyi stressed, saying that the deal was postponed until September because of the parliamentary elections.

However, he posted videos of Moldovan hostages in social networks. These are the first news received from Moldovan pilots for the last two years.

“I have been here for two years, far away from my family. My soul is with you, while my heart beats. I pray that Misa with whom I shared this misfortune and I be released alive, and we return home. I ask those who will watch this video and take decisions - I implore, help us!” - Lionel Buruiana the pilot, captured by the Talibans said.

“If you watch this video, we are still alive. We continue to endure these tortures. Do not imagine that we are happy here. Our situation is disastrous, we are detained in a room without windows, we do not see even the sun. I pray to God that the day will come when somebody will help us to get out. I pray for my family, I miss you very much”, - Mihail Crihan, flight engineer said.

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