Renato Usatyi revealed the details of the financial life of PSRM: Dodon was sitting on my bench in front of the bath with Greceanii

​During six months in 2013, Igor Dodon and Zinaida Greceanii received from Renato Usatyi 40,000 US dollars each month. Moreover, the leader of OP was not the only “sponsor” of the PSRM. According to him, the socialists also received money from Ilan Sor and Veaceslav Platon.

“Igor Dodon also was sitting on my bench with Zinaida Petrovna [Greceanii] in front of the bathhouse. I then gave them 40 thousand dollars each month”, Renato Usatyi said on TV8, stressing that Greceanii and Dodon know perfectly well what this is about.

According to the leader of OP, the leadership of the PSRM “received scholarships” during about six months in 2013: “just for the money they received for voting [ex-President of Moldova Nicolae] Timofti an office [in which the apparatus of the Party of socialists is located] was bought for a million euros”.

However, the Socialists stopped receiving money when it became clear that the employees of the party’s apparatus did not receive salaries for a long period. “I just called Dodon, he was in Italy on vacation, and asked where does the money go”, added Usatyi.

In addition, it turned out that Renato Usatyi was not the only one from whom Dodon received money. According to the leader of OP, Ilan Sor and Veaceslav Platon also sponsored the present “popularly elected”.

“If you notice, Dodon does not say Sor’s name for about two years. Sor made him understand that he had something to show on the financing of the Party of Socialists”, - the leader or OP added.

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