Seven thousand warmed hearts! Renato Usatii Foundation congratulates children and lonely old people on Easter (PHOTO REPORT, VIDEO)

In the days preceding the great Easter holiday, the volunteers of the Renato Usatii Foundation together with thousands of civil activists in all regions of the country come with gifts to those who most need warmth and care. More than 7,000 gifts from the Renato Usatii Foundation on the eve of Easter are awaiting children who lost their parents, disabled children, single old people, large families, and those who are particularly hard pressed.

The charitable route includes dozens of orphanages, social centers, nursing homes, rehabilitation centers and temporary accommodation centers. Gifts from the Renato Usatii Foundation give joy both for children and adults on the eve of the great Orthodox holiday.

The charitable “Easter Caravan” also brings a very important message for those who can help those in need – to provide all possible assistance to those in a difficult situation, to give warmth and love to those who MOST need it.

The Renato Usatii Foundation has been holding charity Easter campaigns for the fourth year in a row. In the past 2016, the Foundation distributed over 6,000 Easter gifts across the country, and volunteers visited 70 orphanages and 46 social institutions.









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