The lighting system in the central square of Beltsy will be renewed (VIDEO)

It is planned to renew 75 street lights in the central square of Beltsy. They will be replaced by lights of higher power. They are purchased at the expense of Beltsy Mayor Renato Usatii. 97,000 lei were allocated to dismantling of old ones and installation of new lamps from the municipal budget.

Vice-mayor Igor Sheremet told BTV channel that the need to replace street lights appeared due to non-compliance with all conditions when upgrading the city lighting system in 2014. A few months ago, the Energy Saving Agency and the Institute of Standardization and Metrology assessed the quality of street lighting in Beltsy and the inspection revealed gross violations: even a minimum level of lighting is not observed almost in the entire city.

Work on replacing 75 lamps is planned to be completed by the City Day.

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