"Dialogues" and photos of Usatii’s e-mail, made in the GBC zone, fudged up in Photoshop

On June 5, a series of screenshots appeared on a “fresh” blog called balabolnews.wordpress.com which according to the blog author, are genuine screenshots of conversations by Renato Usatii with various people in WhatsApp and Viber instant messengers. But when analyzing these screenshots, it turns out that they are not real, but were created in a photo-editing program. Today, even more screenshots appeared in this blog, according to which the Beltsy mayor, who is now in Moscow, allegedly negotiated via e-mail with Russian special services. However, the characteristics of these files show that they were created in the area of the Global Business Center building owned by the oligarch Vladimir Plakhotnyuk, who also has an office there.

Initially, “hackers” published screenshots of alleged messengers of Usatii – Viber and WhatsApp. Former communist deputies Grigory Petrenko and Alexander Petkov were among the “interlocutors” of Usatii. After studying the details of screenshots, we found that they were made in Photoshop.

At the same time, photographs of the alleged correspondence of Renato Usatii appeared, according to which Usatii was allegedly involved in the attempt to murder the banker German Gorbuntsov, and that he allegedly was an employee of the Russian special services. From the features of these photos, it follows that this time they were not made in Photoshop, but were created on a Google Pixel smartphone, in the office or near to the GBC building located on Dmitry Kantemir Prospect and belongs to Plakhotnyuk.

Renato Usatii denied authenticity of WhatsApp and Viber screenshots, saying that they were forged.

Source: ZdG

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