The court will consider the arguments to close the criminal case against Gorbuntsov secretly from the lawyers of Usatii

The court decided, secretly from the defense, to consider the arguments to close the criminal case against Russian banker German Gorbuntsov, initiated on the fact of the attempt to assassinate the leader of Our Party, Renato Usatii.

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According to lawyer of Usatii, Anatol Istrate, the defense challenged closing the criminal case against Gorbuntsov in the court, who was accused of attempted murder of Usatii. “Initially, the prosecution refused to provide the criminal case materials. However, at the beginning of the hearing, the defense insisted on provision of materials,” – Istrate said.

As a result, the court has satisfied the lawyers’ request, but only partially: the court ordered the prosecutor to provide materials, but only to the judge. The lawyers are convinced that the criminal case closed by prosecutor Lilian Bakalym, is illegal, “as all the investigative measures in the criminal case were not conducted,” and the evidence invoked by the prosecutor in the decision to close the criminal case, in the opinion of lawyers, on the contrary, prove guilt of Gorbuntsov in organization of an attempted murder of Renato Usatii”.

Earlier it was reported that the prosecutor Lilian Bakalym closed the criminal case instituted against German Gorbuntsov. However, despite the fact that, according to the legislation on closing of the criminal case, the parties must be notified as soon as possible, Renato Usatii, who appears in the case as the injured party, was notified only three months after the case was closed. Moreover, by a strange coincidence, the case was closed only ten days after the initiation of a “symmetric” criminal case against the leader of Our Party, where he was accused of organizing an attempt on German Gorbuntsov.

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