Witness in the case of attempted murder of Usatyi: Gorbuntsov paid Stratulat 10 thousand dollars for the murder of the politician (VIDEO)

The “Black banker”, German Gorbuntsov paid 10 thousand dollars to the retired police officer, Ion Stratulat for the murder of the leader of “Our Party”, Renato Usatyi, a fact confirmed by Ion Soltoianu and contained in the materials of the criminal case, initiated in 2012 and illegally dismissed in 2016.

Thus, as the lawyer of Renato Usatyi, Anatol Istrate, stated, Ion Soltoianu is the main witness in Gorbuntsov’s case, initiated with the attempted murder of the leader of “Our Party”. Istrate stressed that according to the materials of the investigation “Ion Stratulat [Stratulat himself was shot in 2011] received 10 thousand euros from German Gorbuntsov in order to liquidate Renato Usatyi. This fact was confirmed by Ion Soltoianu. Among other things Soltoianu is the person who informed Renato Usatyi about the attempted murder”.

Meanwhile, in early October, the trial should continue, within the framework of this criminal case. Lawyers of Usatyi challenged in the court its termination.

“We contested the decision to terminate the criminal case,” Istrate said, stressing that according to the materials of the case, which the lawyers managed to consult, it follows that “the criminal prosecution bodies did not take necessary action to issue a legal decision in this case. Moreover, the investigation was ineffective and the prosecutor’s decision is premature.”

The criminal case against German Gorbuntsov was closed by the prosecutor Lilian Bacalim last autumn. At the same time, despite the fact that according to the legislation, the parties should be informed promptly about the termination of the criminal case, Renato Usatyi, who appears as a victim in the case, was notified only three months after the case was closed.

Moreover, by a strange coincidence, the case was closed only ten days after the initiation of a “symmetric” criminal case against the leader of “Our Party”, in which he was accused of organizing an attempt on German Gorbuntsov.

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