Freedom! The activists of “Our Party” are released from detention

The activists of “Our Party” Serghei Tomsa and Stanislav Vlasov, who were arrested as a result of the provocation organized by police officers, were released.

The activists Serghei Tomsa and Stanislav Vlasov were detained on July 19 during the protest in front of the parliament building. The next day, took place the judicial hearings, during which the investigator requested a fine for both. However, the Court of Buiucani sector found necessary to send both of them in prison for a period of ten days.

Herewith, the judges refused to take into account the fact that both were never been held to administrative responsibility, as well as the fact that Tomsa has two dependent minor children.

Then, the Vice Chairman of “Our Party”, Nicolae Tipovici stated regarding the Court hearings that he witnessed how the “injured” police officers in many ways have also been inconsistent and contradicted each other.

Herewith, it should be noted that the pressure on “Our Party” in continuing up to now. For example, another activist of “Our Party”, Felix Grincu is in prison for the ninth month. On the other hand, are continuing the political repressions against the party’s Chairman Renato Usatyi, who is forced to stay in Moscow as a result of a variety of falsified criminal cases.

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