Territorial organization of „Our Party” in Singerei: we are a strong team, we continue to go forward!

The territorial organization (TO) of “Our Party” in Singerei held a report and election conference, during which a new leadership (TO) was elected. The conference was held on Friday and about one hundred delegates took part in it.

During the Conference, Mariana Romanadze was proposed for the position of the chairman of the TO, the delegates voted unanimously for her candidature. Romanadze thanked the activists for their trust and stressed: “without you I would have achieved nothing. Only next to you, with a strong team, we will go ahead”.

In addition, activists of “Our Party” elected the staff of the Council and the Bureau of the Territorial Organization, as well as the Audit Commission.

The last issue on the agenda was priorities for the near future. Among them are early elections in Balti, the upcoming parliamentary company, as well as the general local elections of 2019.

Elena Panus, vice-chairman of “Our Party”, thanked the activists for continuing to move forward. Panus stressed that OP remains the only extra-system, opposition party.

“In our realities, it is not easy to resist. Thanks to the fact that you have survived, we can continue the struggle and achieve justice. To date, we are the only real opposition party in Moldova. We don’t have heart to call Dodon the opposition. We are the only ones fighting to change something, so that our children do not massively leave”.

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