Thousands of citizens of Moldova demanded an immediate recall of the bill of Dodon – Plakhotnyuk

Participants of the many-thousand civil protests supported by followers of Our Party, against the initiative of Plakhotnyuk – Dodon demanded an immediate withdrawal of the bill on changing the electoral system.

“One of the largest protests of this year was held on Sunday, and lasted about three hours. Thousands of citizens took part in it, among which several thousand of his supporters responded to the call of Renato Usatii.

“We demand that Plakhotnyuk and Dodon withdraw the initiative to introduce a mixed electoral system from the parliament – this is the main thing. People here strongly oppose the mafia regime of Plakhotnyuk,” – said Ilian Kashu, vice chairman of Our Party during the protest.

“Each time, at each rally, there are more and more of us. We must not allow changes in the electoral system by the ruling regime,” – Valentin Chimpoesh, mayor of Bessarabka turned to the protesters from the stage.

As a result, thousands of citizens unanimously approved a declaration, which will later be sent to the ambassadors accredited in Moldova, the Venice Commission, and the Council of Europe.

“We are categorically against changing the electoral system and transition to a mixed or single-mandate system,” – the text of the declaration says.

According to protesters, at the moment there is no political consensus necessary for such a fundamental reform, which will essentially affect “the representation of parties for which citizens will give their votes during future parliamentary elections”.

“We demand an immediate recall of the bill on changing the electoral system and improving the current system to ensure the free and fair elections,” – the text of the declaration says.

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