Usatyi: Candidates of the PSRM in Balti and Chisinau may be excluded from the election race at the request of Dodon

The leader of “Our Party” Renato Usatyi claims that there is a high probability that the candidate from the PSRM, Ion Ceban, will be excluded from the election race. ​

According to him, this is the plan of Igor Dodon and Vladimir Plahotniuc. Usatyi clarified that such a scenario was necessary, because Dodon does not want to be defeated, and Plahotniuc wants Silvia Radu to win in the first round, informs

“The situation in Balti and Chisinau reflects the fact that their residents should lose. About two weeks ago, Igor Dodon suggested Plahotniuc to exclude both candidates from the electoral race in Chisinau and Balti. Because he cannot be defeated before Silvia Radu and the candidate of “Our Party” in Balti, because he considers himself too strong”, Renato Usatyi said.

“But if the candidates are eliminated from the race, Dodon will say: “See, I fought the oligarchs”. That’s why he admits some serious violations, for which their candidate should really be taken out of this fight”, - the leader of “Our Party” said.

Usatyi stressed that Anatol Salaru’s statement made on May 15, in which he demands that Ion Ceban be removed from the election race, is not accidental, just as the demand for the removal of Sor’s candidate.

Recall that Regina Apostolova, a candidate from “Sor” party was removed from the election race on the basis of a petition filed by the Party of National Unity.

At the same time, on May 15, the PNU demanded to remove Ion Ceban from the race on the grounds that his expenses are less than the real in the financial report.

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