Usatyi: Dodon asked himself Plahotniuc that Romanians would not led Rogozin’s plane into Moldova.

Renato Usatyi declared that the president of Republic of Moldova, Igor Dodon, had done nothing for the plane of Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation, Dmitry Rogozin, invited by him in Chisinau to land at the airport of the Moldovan capital.

“The civil flight S7 with Dmitry Rogozin on board was not allowed into the airspace of Romania. Rogozin flew to Moldova at the invitation of the Moldova president and here pocket unionists of Plahotniuc were preparing to meet him at the airport. Despite this, Dodon, who considering itself elected by people, had done nothing to ensure the arrival of his guest on Moldovan land” – wrote Usatyi on Facebook.

The leader of “Our Party” stressed that Igor Dodon has at his disposal enough tools to ensure the arrival of Russian Deputy Prime Minister in Moldova. “Maybe someone saw at the airport an alternative meeting of socialists? They did not even create a human corridor in Chisinau, on which could pass Dmitry Rogozin to meet the person who invited him. Nothing of this was done” – notified Usatyi.

Renato Usatyi is convinced that the scandalous refusal of the plane’s fly with Dmitry Rogozin through the airspace of Romania – it’s the result of a previously masterminded scenario, in which participated the “coordinator” of the ruling coalition, oligarch Vladimir Plahotniuc and Igor Dodon himself.

“Dodon, like half of country, watched on Flightradar24, how the GLP157 board is swirling over Debrecen, Hungary. Because, he asked himself Plahotniuc that the plane was not allowed namely by the Romanians from the affiliate of SDP. If Rogozin had landed in Chisinau, and some costumed demonstrators would not let him to go out into the city, it would be a real shame. And so, of course, also is a shame, but already a geopolitical one” – stated Usatyi.

“- Now, the President can tell at the briefing that the Romanian euro unionists from Bucharest turned back the Russian plane. But evidence is clear: Dodon knew that the plane will not fly to Chisinau. Otherwise how else to explain why he had done nothing to meet his guest? And of course, SDP are happy to try fulfilling such kind of request from Chisinau. An extra reason to show that Moldova – is the sphere of influence of Romania, and in general, almost its territory” – summed up Usatyi.

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