Usatyi: Dodon needs all the new reasons for air shaking

Renato Usatyi is convinced that the theme of “introducing a visa regime with Russia” is another combination of Plahotniuc, in which Igor Dodon plays one of the key roles.

“Sources from the Moldovan parliament told to the Russian media (“Izvestia” newspaper) about the discussions on the sidelines of the authorities regarding the introduction of a visa regime with the Russian Federation. I think these “sources” are represented by the Socialist Party, which, in the person of its leader, immediately commented on the rumors to the same newspaper, ” Usatyi wrote on the Facebook.

- Dodon needs all the new information reasons for shaking the air. His partner Plahotniuc planned for autumn parliamentary elections and gave to Igor son of Nicolae clear instructions: “To be in opposition.” Plahotniuc clearly learned the lessons of the zero years, when the PPCD, after going to open cooperation with the Communists, quickly ceased to be useful party for them. By the way, in many ways this is due to their failure in the summer of 2009. Then come to parliament this faithful satellite of PCRM, and everything could turn out quite differently.

However, with all the minuses of the Communists, it is incorrect to compare them with the PDM gang. Today we are dealing with banal raiders. “The President” has to hastily correct the reputation, damaged by cooperation with them. Otherwise, the Socialist Party can get too few votes, and the fake Plahotniuc from the future list of the PSRM will not get into parliament. The practice of the last year showed that Dodon signed all the laws advanced by the parliamentary majority, and in the case of the mixed system, even he himself promoted them,” said Usatyi.

The leader of “Our Party” did not rule out that the purpose of this “staging” is to fan the ratings of Igor Dodon and his Party of Socialists, which Plahotniuc needs as a puppet “opposition”.

“If this time, suddenly, the” president “refuses to promulgate a hypothetical law on the introduction of a visa regime, and in parliament with it will be resigned, allegedly under the onslaught of the most terrible Dodon protests, it becomes clear that this is a staging for a new fanning of the rating of the loyal servant of the regime. But it is also possible that the parliament will not even adopt such a law and everything will remain at the level

of rumors. However, Dodon from his TV channels will continue to fight bravely for the free entry of Russians to Moldova.

We observe thimbles in the case. P.S. If the regime goes in a different scenario, then the PCRM and Dodon are no longer needed in realty. The game is done, “wrote Usatyi.

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