Usatii: European Parliament reaffirmed that Moldova will not receive money until the scam draft law is withdrawn

The EU reaffirmed that the Moldovan authorities will not receive financial assistance until the draft law to change the electoral system, proposed by President Igor Dodon and backed by the oligarch Plakhotnyuk, is withdrawn. The leader of Our Party, Renato Usatii, wrote about this in social networks.

“The amount of fuss around 100 million euros from the EU is a manifestation of a typical beggar syndrome. Think about what so called authorities and their TV channels tell from morning till night: to change or not to change the electoral system, will they give or will not give 100 million to us,” he wrote.

“I want to remind that this is not even one-tenth of the money stolen by them. And anyway, what a kind of agenda is this? There are a lot of problems in the country. Moldova has actually turned from a country into a territory seized by the clan, people are leaving: two million people have already left, and authorities only think about how to stay in power, changing the electoral system, and how to share another tranche of European support. They cannot be called either power or regime – this is a real junta,” Usatii added.

In conclusion, the leader of Our Party stressed that “they will not get money until they withdraw their fraudulent draft law. It was once again clearly stated in the European Parliament today.”

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