Usatyi: Moldovan mafia endangers the health of 100 thousand people!

By organizing the „garbage crisis”, the democrats together with the socialists took as hostages the residents of Balti municipality. Renato Usatyi, the leader of „Our Party” and mayor of municipality explained in details about what happened and who is criminally sabotaging the activity of the public utilities in Balti.

- At a time when in Moldova, by government’s decision, people celebrate Christmas according to the European tradition, Balti city is buried in garbage. The main reason is the politics and this is of course, also very European. A private company that, under concession, collected garbage from the city (it was brought by the Communists – today’s democrats before I became mayor), refused to work, because the mayoralty did not raise the tariff, as they demanded, by about 100 lei for each household. In the meantime, the same company, by the efforts of the socialist deputy Nesterovschi, with the help of the local council of Beliceni village (the majority are socialists, the mayor-socialist), seized the landfill of solid household waste and dictates its conditions to Balti. Even if we have spoken since 2015 in Balti that the whole concession is illegal, and the presence of concessionaires at the landfill were not acceptable in the absence of investment on their part, the rural socialists decided otherwise: the company showed a fake piece of paper on 16 million investments and they entered into a settlement with „garbage men”. Several years ago the company promised to build a garbage processing plant on the landfill, but obviously they didn’t build anything. The landfill burns, poisoning the villagers. But the council does not care when they received political order to give the concessionaires green light.

Today, the trucks of Balti municipal enterprises that pick up the garbage instead of these, let’s say, businessmen, are not allowed to enter the landfill after 5:00 p.m. The company also took out dumpsters from the city, and, in the process, emptied the dumpsters directly to the asphalt. I did not write that it took out its „dumpsters”, and this is not accidental. Because I am talking about the same 420 dumpsters bought by the enterprise of housing and communal services under communists, using credit funds, when Andrei Cernii was director. Furthermore, they bought from the garbage company, just to ... immediately return them back. Cernii gave the purchased dumpsters to the garbage concessionaire “Terra Solubritate” for use, after which “Terra” gave dumpsters as its property to the company “Solubrity Solutions as part of the assignment of the concession. Both companies belong to Dmitri Rusnac, a friend of Andrei Cernii. The current vice-speaker of the parliament, the former “communist” Vladimir Vitiuc, covered the scheme. A typical example of public funds theft. There are criminal cases, but they are put on shelves. No one had been punished. Who will punish the noble democrats? And today all this lawlessness takes place under the protection of the Democratic party, headed in Balti by Octavian Mahu. He is the person who opened the city gates to these gangsters, being until 2015 a vice mayor and acting mayor. Local authorities are now doing everything possible and impossible to prevent a looming environmental catastrophe. We have previously bought dumpsters and additional trucks for municipal enterprises, but dumpsters are still not enough. In the process of purchase, they constantly created obstacles to the mayoralty. The results of the contest have been disputed, and the court, the world’s fairest Moldovan court, cancelled the contest so that the concessionaires could further blackmail the Balti inhabitants.

I want everyone to know why this is happening and who is responsible for the garbage crisis. We all became hostages. If earlier in order to sabotage my activity, all this Moldovan mafia pressed on my relatives, now it is ready to endanger the health of 100 thousand people. No people who has a sense of self-respect should tolerate such an attitude. We will never give up and will fight to the end. If Balti inhabitants rise, this gang will not have time for tricky combinations. It is important for me to understand that you, the inhabitants of the city, are ready to fight. What do we do with this gang? Leave the garbage to the parliament? Put garbage at the summer house of Mahu or in front of his office? Write about your ideas in the comments - Renato Usatyi called on residents of Balti municipality, on his Facebook page.

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