There was no geopolitics in elections held in Chisinau, people voted against the system

On the air of “Politica” program on TV8 channel, Renato Usatyi said that in the last elections people voted against the system. “It was not a choice of the pro-European or pro-Romanian vector. In Chisinau people started to use acid to remove everything connected with Plahotniuc and Dodon”.

“Ivan Ceban’s program was filled with lies, although he was very convincing” - Renato Usatyi, the leader of “Our Party” considers. And despite this, despite the fact that Nastase missed a part of the debates, deferred according to some information, nevertheless, people did not believe Ceban”:

- This victory shows that people in Moldova, regardless of political views, nationalities, any kind of personal ambitions, voted against a person who is a candidate o both Dodon and Plahotniuc.

We recall, local elections in Balti and Chisinau were announced after Renato Usatyi resigned from his position as mayor of the northern capital. On May 20, from the first round in Balti, the candidate of “Our Party”, Nicolae Grigorisin won the elections. According to the results of the second round, Andrei Nastase obtained the victory in Chisinau.

Immediately after the elections in Chisinau, the leadership of the Party of Socialists, explaining the electoral defeat of a common candidate from PSRM and DPM, tried again to provoke a geopolitical and national split in the society. Also, some deputies and adherents of the PSRM blamed the residents of Chisinau and some opposition parties for their failure.

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