Usatii: Our Party does not intend to participate in the performance of DPM and PSRM

Our Party does not intend to participate in the so-called “public debates on the reform of the electoral system” organized by the Democratic Party. As Renato Usatii said on Facebook, that “by such participation, Our Party does not intend to contribute to “pseudo-legitimization” of changes in the electoral system, which the authorities are seeking. “

According to Usatii, the party of oligarch Vladimir Plakhotnyuk “turned the parliament building into a travelling show, having arranged a circus performance called “public debates on the reform of the electoral system” in it. They are still trying to prove to someone that the “mixed system” proposed by the socialists and promoted by the democrats can be adopted in the second reading even after the negative response of the Venice Commission,” the leader of Our Party said.

He recalled that the Venice Commission gave a negative assessment to the draft project of the changes in the electoral system.

“The conclusion of the Venice Commission clearly does not recommend adoption of this law. There can be no other interpretation of this matter. The same opinion was clearly expressed by OSCE, the European Commission, the European Parliament, the US State Department. Finita la comedia! It is clear to everyone that the circus has left. But clowns from DPM and PSRM stayed, and by hook or by crook try to push their “reform”. At the same time, they still dare to invite real opposition parties into their circus to participate in the “debates”. Our Party refused to participate in this performance,” Usatii said.

“Our position remains the same: this draft of DPM-PSRM should be withdrawn, the next parliament elections should be held according to the current proportional system under strict international control,” the leader of Our Party concluded.

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