Usatii, new scandalous revelations

Moldova is a territory of lawlessness, where legal institutions are used as tools against those who oppose the Plakhotnyuk’s regime. This is the title for a documentary published by the chairman of Our Party. Renato Usatii argues that the evidence presented by him point to the involvement of the heads of the law enforcement agencies in criminal schemes. Such names are become mentioned as Eduard Kharunzhen, Viorel Morar, George Kavkalyuk, Mikhay Balan and others.

The documentary lasts more than three hours and presents documents, e-mail correspondence, as well as telephone conversations from last year to the present day. According to them, some heads of departments received bribes for fabricating criminal cases against the chairman of Our Party Renato Usatii under the orders of the chairman of the Democratic Party, Vladimir Plakhotnyuk. Everything is based on the false testimony of the Russian banker Herman Gorbuntsov, as well as a discrediting campaign on the TV channels controlled by the oligarch.

Renato Usatii refers to reliable sources and publishes a conversation between two men, Dmitry Melnikov and Evgeny Alekseev, who, according to him, are business partners of German Gorbuntsov. It becomes clear from the correspondence that it is possible to initiate and close a criminal case, as well as sell confidential information in Moldova. The documentary notes that Gorbuntsov paid tens of thousands of dollars to stop the criminal case in a number of situations.

According to the documentary, the criminal case can be closed in various ways.

And the motive for this criminal case had to be a documentary to discredit the chairman of Our Party, which, according to Renato Usatii, would be shown on Publika TV in late August.

Prosecutor General Eduard Kharunzhen, head of the Anticorruption Prosecutor’s Office Viorel Morar did not respond to phone calls for comments, but the head of the press service of the Prosecutor General’s Office told us that the agency rejects the charges. The deputy head of the General Inspectorate of Police, George Kavkalyuk, said that he did not see the documentary and did not comment on the statements of people who are in conflict with the law. The head of the press service of the National Center for Combating Corruption, as well as the leader of the press-service of SIB, refused to reply. A press secretary of the Democratic Party Vitalie Gamurar said that it was attempts of Renato Usatii to expose himself as a victim. The others who appear in the documentary could not be contacted. At the moment, the Moldovan authorities have filed Renato Usatii on the international wanted list. He is accused of attempted murder of German Gorbuntsov.

Source: JurnalTV

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