Usatyi rejects the regime’s lie: Now Seremet is in the Anticorruption Prosecutor’s Office – they trade with him

Today, at 7 a.m., law enforcement bodies began a search in the apartment of the former deputy mayor of Balti, Igor Seremet.

He was detained for 72 hours. However, the media holding of Plahotniuc, referring to the statements of the National Anti-Corruption Center and the Anticorruption Prosecutor’s Office, tried to mislead the public opinion, disseminating fake information that allegedly there had been no detention. In this regard, Renato Usatyi wrote on his Facebook page the following:

- I repeat for the most gifted journalists from the media holding and Mrs. Starinschi. At 7 a.m. his apartment was searched. Article 327: abuse of power in performance of duties. Now he is in the anti-corruption prosecutor’s office and they trade with him. Either he goes to jail, or will participate in the elections in Balti. It doesn’t matter ... From DPM or as an independent candidate, - Renato Usatyi wrote.

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