Usatyi: By declaring Rogozin as persona non grata Plahotniuc is preparing an alibi for himself in front of the Americans

Renato Usatyi commented the declaration of Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation, Dmitry Rogozin, as persona non grata in the Republic of Moldova, as a result of the decision taken by the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Moldova. “Today’s decision the Moldovan government demonstrates the fact that Plahotniuc and all his lackeys, speaker, prime minister, pocket deputies, prosecutors, police officers and in general all those serving now this regime, this entire team “get out of control” – declared Renato Usatyi in the online broadcast on Facebook.

Openly going against Russia and counting on the support of his external partners, Plahotniuc tries to avoid responsibility for the crimes committed, considers Usatyi.

“Today Plahotniuc became a political orphan, at the moment he absolutely has no support in Moscow. All his lies, all his attempts to build different schemes ended with nothing” said Usatyi. “Plahotniuc perfectly knows in which countries of the world he committed and continues to commit various crimes, from economic to targeted killings. Today, he understands that in any moment he is going to be held responsible for his crimes under law, for example, on the territory of the Russian Federation, there will not be the prosecutor Viorel Morari, there will not be Nicolae Chitoroaga, Harujen, Cavcaliuc. He needs to describe the situation, showing to his American masters that “here I am, the great and powerful Plahotniuc and Russian are harassing me because I declared Rogozin as persona non grata” and for other dirty tricks that he arranged. By declaring Rogozin as persona non grata, Plahotniuc is preparing an alibi for himself in front of the Americans, in front of Interpol. He formulated a clear version that “the Russians try to eliminate me”.

According to Usatyi, another objective of the anti-Russian Plahotniuc’s demarche – to turn away the blow from Igor Dodon. “And of course, this scenario is played in order to protect his pocket president to look as an idiot, but to show that “he is fighting for Russia”, - ironically said Usatyi. – [Plahotniuc] today will even allow to Dodon something to say on this subject. Although they would rather tell about how they prepared the early elections in Chisinau, Balti and in parliament. It’s better they say how many of Plahotniuc’s people will have Dodon in his lists in case if that elections are held according to the old system, before the New Year.

Renato Usatyi stressed out that despite of great efforts, Plahotniuc is losing the support in the West, since he is considered a very odious figure. “Today Plahotniuc went directly against the Russians. I don’t know what the Russians will have time to do, but the “heater will be popped to him” even by Americans. Because the instrument which is shattered, which causes too many questions with which it’s need to mess around, which creates a lot of negative background – they don’t need such specialists, especially since they have already grown up others”.

At the first danger Dodon will betray Plahotniuc, is convinced Usatyi:” As soon as Dodon sense the first droops of Plahotniuc’s political blood, he will be first who will bite him, like a turkey”.

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