Usatyi congratulated Moldova: 2018 will become a year of great victories and achievements

The leader of „Our Party”, the mayor of Balti, Renato Usatyi, congratulated Moldova on the New Year 2018. The appeal of Renato Usatyi was streaming live on a huge screen in the centre of Balti, where thousands of citizens and guests of the northern capital gathered. Renato Usatyi is convinced that „all our dreams of a better future will come true” and wished every person in Moldova and every family prosperity, peace and happiness.

- Friends, dear compatriots! In a few minutes, a new, 2018 will come. Until the clock struck twelve, the time stops for a moment to begin its run again. Probably, this is the magic of the winter holiday. It is like we are at crossroads and believe that this time we will go the right way. And that everything will be better than it was before.

No matter how difficult 2017 was, tomorrow it will become a part of history. By tradition, we celebrate his holyday within the family circle, sharing this joy with friends. We have optimistic prospects as to the future. It is important that all our achievements and plans are inextricably linked to the well-being and success of our country Moldova.

The past year is far from successful. Officials, of course, will talk about some success. But we all understand that the life of the ordinary people has not improved. In 2017, a miracle did not happen again. But after all, in a magical New Year’s Eve people need so much to believe in miracles.

A lot of events will happen in future; parliamentary elections will be held in Moldova. And citizens will have a chance to change the future of their country. However, in the end, the personal well-being and prosperity of the Motherland depends on each of us. In Balti, we showed that we can work honestly and achieve results. Balti became the only city in Moldova without corruption in local authorities.

For two and a half years they thought they were fighting against me, but in fact they fought with Balti inhabitants. Each time attacks against Balti are more and more aggressive and impudent. And that demarche, which they took on the eve of the New Year holidays, are totally inappropriate.

That is why I decided that the only way to put enemies in their place is a referendum on confidence in me and lack of confidence in them. The decision to hold a referendum will be taken by the municipal council. In 2018 we need a fresh start. The road to freedom is never straight and it is impossible to overcome it without effort.

I must confess that in Moldova it is difficult not to succumb to despondency and many people leave it forever. But, today, our mission is more important than stopping this outcome. I often communicate with compatriots living outside the country. I know for sure - almost everyone dreams of returning and will do it as soon as a glimmer of hope appears.

The second time in a row, I celebrate the New Year away from home. Now, when I am obliged to say these words, watching Balti from the phone monitor, it seems that there are no such close and far distant people for me than the inhabitants of my country. At this New Year’s Eve, I am sure that 2018 will be a year of great victories and achievements. On this New Year’s Eve, I believe that we will overcome this difficult path. And all our dreams of a better future will come true.

I wish prosperity, peace and happiness to all of you, to all your families. Believe in yourself, because I believe in each of you. Keep the home fire’s burning, and let mutual understanding always reign among people you love. Let every minute of the new year bring something new and good into your life. And 2018 will be the year of the birth of a dream, which will surely come true. I wish you happiness, happy holiday, dear friends, Happy New Year! - Renato Usatyi, the leader of „Our Party”, the mayor of Balti city, congratulated the Moldovans.

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