Usatii warned: mass house-check and arrests are being prepared in Beltsy

Authorities are preparing arrests of a number of heads of municipal enterprises in Beltsy. The true reason for a new round of repressions is the outstanding results achieved by local authorities in the management of the city and the desire to discredit the leadership of the northern capital. This was announced by the mayor of Beltsy Renato Usatii during a video broadcast in social networks.

“I received several telegrams from our beloved homeland on provocations that are being prepared in the coming days against some of my colleagues. They [the authorities] were furious that last week IDIS “Viitorul”, on the basis of a six-month study, recognized Beltsy as the most transparent city in the country,” Usatii said.

The leader of Our Party recalled that the northern capital is in the lead with a large margin in the rating of transparency: “We are the only city in the country that has “A+” rating, Cahul is in second place, that has “B-” rating. That is, there is no one at all in “A” or “B” category.”

“Arrests of some heads of municipal enterprises are being prepared now. This is landscaping, improvement, this is a municipal enterprise DRSU, - the mayor of Beltsy said. He stated that officials who committed violations should be punished, but in this case it is a question of explicit political pressure on the leadership of the municipality.

He mentioned the possible arrest of Sergey Pchela, the director of DPSU, the pressure of the security agencies on several employees of DRSU, economic agents, the mayor of vil. Corlateni, which, on the basis of the agreement, removes branches and leaves from the streets of the city. “They also initiated a criminal case after the hurricane in Beltsy, when a tree fell on one of the gazebos where the carabineers were hiding – they want to punish the employees of the “Greening and Improvement” municipal enterprise for this, because they allegedly did not cut the tree on time,” Usatii said. He added that poles, dozens of trees fell in Beltsy during the recent spate,” but the problem was solved very quickly.”

As stated by Renato Usatii, the authorities discussed the possible arrest of the Vice-Mayor of Beltsy Igor Sheremet.

Recall that Beltsy have headed a rating of transparency of actions of the local authority among cities of Moldova with the big margin. Having obtained 83.5 points out of 100 possible, Beltsy became the only city in the country that got “A+” rating by international criteria. The closest competitor was Cahul with a rating of “B-”, which scored 56 points. Cimislia was in third position with a rating of “C” and 49 points. This follows from a study carried out by IDIS-Viitorul Institute and INEKO Institute for Economic Reforms and Development (Slovakia) with the financial support of the US Embassy in Moldova.

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