Usatyi thanked Leonid Babii for his professionalism and integrity as vice-mayor

Leonid Ion Babii, vice-mayor of Balti municipality resigned for health reasons. Renato Usatyi thanked him for excellent work and professionalism in his responsible position, “for his integrity, for perfectionism and strict observance of terms” in the performance of his duties.

- Leonid Babii resigned from his position in Balti city hall for health reasons. I am grateful to Leonid Ion for the two and a half years that he worked as the vice mayor of the municipality. A legend, such people had almost gone today, a highly qualified economist, Doctor of Science, Professor, for a long time he was a legend and leader: for almost 15 years he was the director of “Belyi aist”. And as you know, this is one of the few brands that have made Moldova famous.

I am happy that such a person worked with us. He was respected and loved in the city hall, appreciated for his rigidity and adherence to principles, for perfectionism and strict observance of terms. He was in charge of the financial and economic sphere, and the money to spare needs good care. The budget in Balti has always been adopted on time and calculated to a penny, and the long-term strategies developed by Leonid Babii will guide us for a long time”, wrote Renato Usatyi on his Facebook page.

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