Sor threatened with a „social explosion”, begging for money Plahotniuc and Filat to cover his theft

The Mayor of Orhei, Ilan Sor in an interview with one of the Moldovan TV channels accused Renato Usatyi of disclosing in 2014 the information about problems in the banking sector, thereby provoking the outcome of depositors. Sor qualified the actions of Usatyi as the traditional “arm of Moscow”, which supposedly had to undermine the situation in Moldova before the parliamentary elections.

“Usatyi began to scream, and people ran to withdraw their money, any bank will break down. These were part of a chain”, - Sor said, accusing Usatyi of preparing a revolution. At the same time, Sor called the former mayor of Balti his “old friend”, which, it seems, most of all outraged Usatyi.

In a response to the publication Newsmaker, he reported that he met Sor about five times in his life, one of these occasions was at the celebration of his birthday, where Usatyi was with his friend, the businessman Gabriel Stati.

“After that, I managed to avoid Sor, because most people who were present on that birthday should be in prison. The fact that he is not permitted to travel to Russia because of the threat to the country’s economic security shows that the Russians quickly realized that he is a fraud”, - Usatyi stressed.

On “millions of dollars stolen in Moldova”, he continued, Sor gave watches and “Mercedes”. “That was all the money of Moldovan investors. If I was his friend, why all Plahotniuc TV channels get scared when I declared on the air of one of such channels that all the money was stolen from the banks?”- Usatyi wondered.

According to the politician, Sor himself blackmailed former prime minister Vladimir Filat and the leader of the DPM Vladimir Plahotniuc in 2014 by the fact that “if they do not plug the holes in the banks at the expense of some means, then before the elections, people will stand in long queues at the bank cash offices”. And the fact that by the government decision all hole have been plugged, confirms that Filat and Plahotniuc were scared of such explosion”, Usatyi concluded.

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