Usatyi – to Russian “MK”: Only by bringing together all, we can fight the oligarch

The Russian publication “Moscow Komsomolets” asked the leader of “Our Party” Renato Usatyi to tell about the political situation in Moldova, the role of the “pro-Russian” Dodon in the anti-Russian foreign policy of the officials of Chisinau and the future parliamentary elections.

Criminal cases against the opposition and attempted murder of Renato Usatyi

Renato Usatyi reminded journalists that “Today Plahotniuc is actually the owner of the country”. He subordinated to himself all state institutions, most of the media, the judicial system, the Constitutional Court. The leader of “Our Party” was the first who warned the Moldovan society and external partners of Moldova that the theft of a billion is being prepared, revealed a huge number of raider attacks organized by Plahotniuc. This prompted the Moldovan law-enforcement bodies to begin prosecution of the leader of the opposition party “Our Party”, fabricating criminal cases against him. Moreover, Russian law enforcement authorities know that Plahotniuc was preparing the murder of Renato Usatyi. On this fact, a criminal case has been opened in Russia.

- I proved in cooperation with Romanian law enforcement bodies, Plahotniuc’s involvement in the attempt on his former partner, the “black banker” Gorbuntsov in London. The Moldovan law enforcement bodies, in order to confuse the British authorities and attribute me Plahotniuc’s crimes, opened their case on this attempt. Plahotniuc also prepared my liquidation. In Russia there is a criminal case initiated on this matter, - “Renato Usatyi tells the journalists of “MK”.

“Dodon” is the most successful project of Plahotniuc

Renato Usatyi recalled the promises made by Igor Dodon before the elections, told how he pledged that he would lead people to the streets and achieve the termination of the criminal prosecution of Renato Usatyi. Nevertheless, the leader of “Our Party” at that time had already no doubt that Dodon “for the last 8 - 10 years is Plahotniuc’s man”:

- Today “Dodon” project is the most successful political project of Plahotniuc. Plahotniuc is shouting about his love to America, about the fight against Russian tanks, and Dodon cries out about the fight against the West. Many Russians like Dodon’s declarations. He criticizes NATO, the US, the Euro-unionists. And this is just a performance for those who do not understand. You say that he was in a difficult situation? He was in an ideal situation. His responsibility is zero ...

Dodon is the locomotive of Plahotniuc in the elections

A year ago, the political forecasts of the future of the Democratic Party of Plahotniuc looked quite discouraging - Plahotniuc with his group practically had no chance to go to parliament. “But what does Dodon do?” - Renato Usatyi explains to journalists:

- Dodon launches an initiative to move to a mixed system of elections, which is needed to preserve the power of Plahotniuc. That is when half of the deputies of the parliament will be elected according to party lists, half - in single-mandate districts.

As a result, Plahotniuc will retain control over the Parliament. All independent deputies will be in the faction of the Democratic Party. Such a scenario was already implemented in the elections in Gagauzia: having only one deputy out of 35, Plahotniuc managed to form a majority and appoint his man on the position of chairman of the Gagauz parliament:

- He bought up wholesale all these “independent” deputies and created the majority. He will do the same in the parliamentary elections.

Protest of the united opposition – Plahotniuc’s terrible dream

The total control, dozens of falsified criminal cases against the opposition, political repression - all this became the political reality of Moldova. On the question of journalists about whether there is any solution to the current situation, Renato Usatyi answers:

- Do you remember tens of thousands of people went to protest, even when there were more than 100,000 protesters? Both right and left joint opposition protests. Only by bringing together all, we can fight the oligarch. He fears only protests. Everything else has been calculated for a hundred moves ahead.

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