Usatyi: I resign to revitalize the situation in Balti

Yesterday, in a live broadcast, Renato Usatyi announced that he had decided to resign from the position of Mayor of Balti. He took this decision when it became known that the state chancellery will not allow a referendum on confidence in the mayor of the city.

Renato Usatyi believes – by resigning it will be possible to keep Balti as free city, with open administration, transparent decision-making, without corruption schemes and the mafia. On air on the program “Politica” on TV8 channel, the leader of “Our Party” explained in detail the necessity of taking this step and further actions in Balti.

- People are frightened, they say them not to go to work, to take a leave without pay, to take sick leave, so that the mayor’s office stops functioning. They created an artificial problem with garbage before the New Year ... Everything was fine until the New Year, but after the New Year, when people began not to go to work massively (and they are encouraged by money, they are persuaded by all means) - difficulties began. First of all, because I cannot go home today and in the next weeks. Now a person is needed on the spot.

Therefore, I declare with all responsibility that this week I resign. Because I am honest, decent man, and I am grateful to my parents for that. Everyone clings to power, inventing schemes ... I resign right now, so that early elections will be held in Balti on May 20, when the CEC determined a single voting day.

“Our Party” will propose a candidate, because we have to respect the obligations to Balti residents and it is necessary to continue what I started to do. The city remains with a full budget; we have saved money last year. We do not leave an empty city, as communists did in 2015, when the budget was cleaned ... I leave the city without corruption schemes. I have obligations to young people, athletes. I’m leaving now, so that everyone can prepare for the elections, which will be held on May 20.

And today, our colleagues believe that there must be a hard and righteous man who will rule with a rod of iron. I proposed Nicolai Grigorisin, who last week became deputy mayor - the majority of the municipal council voted for him. We must finish what we started.

And the most important for me is the position of people. I did everything I could. I spent over 20 million lei through Renato Usatyi Foundation, spent tens of millions of lei of my money - on veterans, football, basketball, fairy lights - on anything you want ... So, I say again, I will give money for football so that the team not leave the championship; there is a basketball team - they will get their 600 thousand lei. So as to avoid the situation, that Usatyi has gone and sports, and everything else stopped, because everyone is preparing for the election. This will not happen.

The leader of “Our Party” also noted that the elections in Balti will be shown to the whole country, what will the authorities take to the parliamentary campaign:

- I want the whole country to see through the elections that will be held on May 20, what is going to happen for the parliamentary elections. We will see who will carry buckwheat, who will deliver sugar. How they will gather passport desk officers, employees of RED Nord, CET Nord, police officers who will vote the right man and will require from them a photo of the voting paper. You will see again the gloomy shadow of Costea Botnari, Tutu, and the others with man-purses and bucket-bags in different parts of Balti. I want to see how the socialists behave in this situation. If people believe me, believe the team, they will believe the specialists who will continue to work, then I will not allow Plahotniuc’s prosecutors, policemen, especially the state chancellery together with Mahu, to decide the fate of Balti. Therefore, I honestly resign, - Renato Usatyi, the leader of “Our Party”, said.

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