Usatii Congratulated Bălți’s Veterans On 23d Of February

The veterans of the Great Patriotic War residing in Bălți received gifts from Renato Usatii’s charitable organization — 1,000 lei and products that they cannot afford due to their low pensions. Unfortunately, only 39 participants of the bloodiest war in human history are left in Bălți.

The volunteers went to congratulate the veterans to their homes on Thursday. The elderly thanked them for not being forgotten.

All veterans have health issues now — the war took its toll. Some of them weren’t even 18 when they left to the battlefield. Peter Begun, who is now 91 years old, says that he spent his last money on medications, but it won’t even last till the end of the month. That is why Renato Usatii’s present came in handy.

Every year there are fewer participants of the Great Patriotic War left. Municipal counselor Nikolai Grigorishin has reported that 15 of them have passed away last year in Bălți.

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