In Beltsy, yards are thoroughly renovated and equipped (PHOTO)

With the spring in Beltsy, overhaul of roads and urban area development began –both renovation of the central streets, and, above all, the yards of multi-storey houses. The Mayor of Beltsy, Renato Usatii, told in Facebook how the plans for renovation and arrangement of yards in residential areas are being implemented in the northern capital.

The Mayor of the northern capital listed certain facilities where the works are being performed these days: “The yard is a small homeland. Therefore, in 2015 we began renovating internal yard roads, replacing street curbs and arranging new parking spaces. Today, the works are held in the courtyards of five-storey buildings near the city lake. It is also planned to improve the yards on Pervomayskaya, Independencia and along Suceava streets. On the quay (Stryjskaya) we finish replacing the curbs and we will lay new asphalt. Inter-quarter roads will be repaired in the same place”.

But the administration of Beltsy does not intend to stop there. “So far, I have listed only a few items of the road repair plan. The city will change this year, and thousands of people for the first time will no more be stuck in impassable mud, leaving entrances of their homes,” the Mayor of the northern capital concluded.

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