In Beltsy, the opponents of the collusion between Dodon and Plakhotnyuk came out to a many thousand protest action (VIDEO, PHOTO)

Moldova was seized by a wave of protests against the collusion between oligarch Vladimir Plakhotnyuk and the President Igor Dodon, who, changing the electoral system along with him, helps the thief regime to remain in power for many years. On Sunday, several thousand activists and supporters of Our Party from all over the north of Moldova gathered for the rally in Beltsy, on the initiative of Our Party headed by Renato Usatii.

The leader of the rally, counselor of the Beltsy municipal council Elena Gritsko announced that the many-thousand event is taking place in the city, liberated by the mayor and the team of Renato Usatii from corruption and thieves’ schemes. Applying to the central authorities, the protesters demanded: “Bring Renato home!”.

Renato Usatii spoke to the audience on video broadcast.

“It hurts me that the man with whom we protested together, who promised to end the regime of Plakhotnyuk, betrayed us all when he became the president,” – Usatii said.

The mayor of Beltsy explained: “Numerous experts, like me, for six months told that Plakhotnyuk needed a mixed system, not a single-mandate, but in spite of all this, Igor Dodon put forward a bill on a mixed system, putting the country in jeopardy.”

Renato Usatii recalled that earlier Dodon refused to sign an agreement with opposition parties on counteracting any changes in the electoral system.

Having provided Plakhotnyuk with his service, Igor Dodon went to Moscow to Red Square to try to whitewash himself in the eyes of Moldovan citizens by means of photographs with Vladimir Putin.

“Dodon will not be able to deceive the leadership of the Russian Federation and the people of his country on the instructions of Plakhotnyuk for a long time,” – Renato Usatii is sure.

The leader of Our Party urged the gathered people to bring information about the joint schemes of Plakhotnyuk and Dodon to every person in every city and village. Usatii also invited citizens to ask the president more uncomfortable questions. “When he comes to the Houses of Culture, to various meetings in the villages, ask him straightforward questions, remove this Plakhotnyuk’s hypnosis from Dodon,” – Usatii suggested.

Mayor of Beltsy also said that a joint business between the president and the oligarch began to be established in the form of an exchange of appointments, from the distribution of positions in the management of the gas industry to the approval of corrupt judges by Dodon known for their cooperation with Plakhotnyuk.

Thus, Dodon helps maintaining corruption schemes, including those which Our Party’s team is fighting in Beltsy with. “The central government is blocking the reforms in Beltsy associated with elimination of criminal schemes, and the head of the state chancellery in Beltsy with the help of the courts cancels decisions of the municipal council and the mayoralty,” – Usatii said.

At the same time, the mayor said that the top of the republican government is afraid of Beltsy, because “the citizens of Beltsy have a core and they call things by their own names.” Therefore, as Usatii noted, on the day of the Beltsy’s rally, unprecedented police forces were taken to the streets.

Vice-chairmen of Our Party also spoke on the stage in the central square of Beltsy. Dmitry Chubashenko called the city a territory free from the criminal regime, while Nikolay Tsipovich and Elena Panush reminded that over the past two years in Beltsy, with the help of citizens, it was possible to dismantle long and carefully created corruption mechanisms. Beltsy in this sense should become an example for the whole of Moldova.

Acting Mayor Igor Sheremet spoke about the counteraction that he has to face, building a new system in Beltsy aimed at modernizing, rather than for corruption benefits, as it was before.

The councilor of the municipal council Nikolay Grigorishin said that he was proud of the citizens of Beltsy, without their support the changes for the better would be impossible. He talked that in a short period of time the city team for the first time in many years managed to avoid losses of municipal enterprises, and also to raise the city sport to a new level.

At the suggestion of the leader of Our Party, the protesters appealed to Igor Dodon with the resolution. They demand the president to refuse to cooperate with the oligarch, and maintain the election system on party lists, which does not provide the Democratic Party of Plakhotnyuk with a chance to be elected to the next parliament.

Renato Usatii urged all citizens who are not indifferent to the future of the country, to participate in a large protest rally. On June 11, it will be organized in Kishinev by representatives of civil society.

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