A traditional festive parade in honor of the 596th anniversary of the city was held in Beltsy (VIDEO, PHOTO REPORT)

Festive parades in honor of the City Day have become a good tradition in Beltsy. On this day, those who create and multiply the glory of the northern capital of Moldova – citizens of Beltsy, residents of the city, labor collectives of municipal and industrial enterprises, delegations of educational institutions and public organizations, come out to the central square of the municipality. Festively decorated communal vehicles headed by a multifunctional Volvo car, presented to Beltsy by the Mayor of the city Renato Usatii passed along the streets of the city.

The atmosphere of the holiday was unbelievably creative, cheerful and solemn: on this day the city reveals itself in all its beauty and creative energy. The city parade and grandiose concert, which took place in Beltsy on the evening of May 22, made this holiday unforgettable for all who managed to see it with their own eyes. For those who could not come to visit the residents of Beltsy this day, we publish a photo report from the streets of the city on this wonderful day.

Beltsy Mayor Renato Usatii , who could not personally participate in the festivities due to repressions by the ruling regime, later spoke to the citizens in the square on the air. He thanked all the citizens for their warm support, which was expressed absolutely clearly and obviously. “The citizens of Beltsy showed who they believe and trust in. Thank you for your trust and support!”, - he said.


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