Delegates from 14 countries came to the International Investment Forum in Beltsy (VIDEO, PHOTO)

The Beltsy International Investment Forum, started in the northern capital on June 7, gathered delegates from 14 countries, including Russia, Ukraine, Romania, Latvia, Lithuania, USA, Turkey and China. “Such events are important for increasing the investment attractiveness of the municipality,” – the Beltsy Mayor Renato Usatii commented on the opening of the forum. – “The city can not develop normally, relying only on the resources of the current budget: funds must come to Beltsy from everywhere to implement projects in a variety of areas,” – he wrote on Facebook.

The municipality is open to serious partners, who deserved confidence at the international level, to implement joint projects, for example, in the field of infrastructure, Usatii stressed. The investment directions include improvement of the area of the Grebnoy Channel in Beltsy (huge empty space in the city center), residential buildings on Nikolae Yorga St., construction of the Sports and Health Complex, establishment of the Botanical Garden, resumption of production in the buildings of the Reut Technopark and much more.

“There is an old saying: the material money is made of, sticks, but not to everyone. I want Beltsy to attract this material,” – Usatii wrote.

According to the Beltsy Mayor, this year the municipality will gather investors again, in the fall. “I hate it when such events are held for the sake of appearance. We will do our best so they had a real result, as previously provided (and will be provided) by our cooperation with Moscow, Saint-Petersburg and Nizhny Novgorod,” – Renato Usatii emphasized.

During meetings with investors, Deputy Mayor of Beltsy Igor Sheremet noted that, both in Beltsy and throughout the northern region of Moldova, favorable conditions for attracting foreign investments have been created, including the Beltsy free economic zone.

The International Economic Forum in Beltsy is taking place on June 7 and 8. Along with investors from abroad, local manufacturers also participate in the forum. The forum is organized by the Beltsy Mayor’s Office in cooperation with the Beltsy branch of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Republic of Moldova.

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