"The interest of the Attorney General is evident in the Chimpoesh case: the first court hearings on the case of the mayor of Bessarabka took place in Hincesti

On Thursday, Hincesti district court held preliminary hearings on the case of the mayor of Bessarabka, Valentin Chimpoesh. However, the court session ended without beginning – the only judicial interpreter, necessary for the meeting, was on sick leave.

According to the lawyer of Chimpoesh, Anatol Istrate, “the court hearings did not take place, because the court did not provide an interpreter to our client, Valentin Chimpoesh, who knows the state language, but not at a sufficient level” [for complex legal procedures].

Istrate said that in this context the trial was postponed to September 18. It should be noted that this meeting was preceded by another – in the Cimislia court, which took place in early May. Then it became known that, at the request of the Prosecutor General Eduard Kharunzhen, Chimpoesh’s case was transferred to the court of Hincesti. At the same time, which is characteristic, according to Istrate, the defense managed to get acquainted with the arguments from the petition of the Prosecutor General only now.

Chimpoesh, on his part, stressed that “Kharunzhen’s interest in this case is obvious.”

The mayor of Bessarabka, Valentin Chimpoesh, elected from Our Party, was detained on March 17. On the same day, the court of the capital sector Center decided to pre-detain him for 30 days. Then the arrest was changed to the arrest in quarters, and later, after the expiry of the term, the mandate for arrest ceased to function in respect of the mayor.

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