• Renato Usatyi

„The situation in the country will not change without a strong team”. Cahul Territorial Organization will continue the struggle in a renewed composition

​Cahul Territorial organization of “Our Party” conducted a report and election Conference during which Sergiu Renta a district adviser from Cahul was elected as the chairman of the TO.

Over one hundred delegates took part in the Conference. Speaking to them, the vice- chairman of “Our Party” Dumitru Ciubasenco stressed that “despite the repression, slander and the fact that Renato Usatyi was exiled from Moldova”, “Our Party” continues to fight”.

“Each influential, living party is based on territorial organizations and on people - activists, supporters, that you are, said Ilian Casu, vice-chairman of “Our Party”, referring to the Congress - “Our Party” is in a difficult situation, and you are the strongest. The situation in the country will not change without a strong team”.

One of the participants proposed the candidature of Sergiu Renta stressing that he demonstrated professionalism and organizational skills. The activists voted unanimously for Renta.

“I understand that this is a serious responsibility, it is not easy. This is a daily struggle with the authorities”, - Renta declared.

During the conference, the members of the Council and the Bureau of TO, as well as the Audit Commission, were elected. In addition, the participants in the Conference also elected five vice-chairmen of Cahul TO.

In the next two months, report and election conferences will be held in all Territorial organizations of “Our Party”. To date, the leadership has re-elected the TO of Glodeni, Basarabeasca, Singerei, Drochia and Cantemir.

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