• Renato Usatyi

Paving slabs is installed in Vulcanesti, donated by the Renato Usatii Foundation

Paving slabs is installed in the center of Vulcanesti for Easter. Public parking lot for cars and pavement were covered with slabs. The accomplishment was completed thanks to the Renato Usatii Foundation. The charitable organization gave expensive materials to the residents of Vulcanesti on the Day of the Town.

The development of public parking lot in the central part of the town began upon the decision of the Vulcanesti Town Council due to lack of parking spaces. On the Day of the Town, the Renato Usatii Foundation allocated 2000 sq. m of paving slabs to Vulcanesti. In addition to parking lot, the slabs were also laid on the sidewalk leading to the market, where the old asphalt was replaced. Gardening was also performed: a flower bed was constructed, lime trees planted.

Vulcanesti Mayor Viktor Petrioglu thanked the Renato Usatii Foundation for the assistance provided.

The remaining paving slabs will be installed in the city park, where there have been no reconstruction works for 40 years.

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