For money and slander against Usatii, prosecutors closed the case against banker Gorbuntsov (EVIDENCE)

At least a quarter of a million dollars and slander against the leader of Our Party, Renato Usatii, is the price at which the prosecutors controlled by oligarch Vladimir Plakhotnyuk closed a criminal case brought against the “black banker” German Gorbuntsov.

This information is contained in the correspondence between Gorbuntsov and his partners in the “black” business, entrepreneurs Evgeny Alekseev and Dmitry Melnikov. The correspondence was published in the documentary film “Moldova. Territory of Lawlessness” by the leader of Our Party, the Mayor of Beltsy Renato Usatii.

In particular, the correspondence that was in possession of Usatii contains details of the criminal scheme where the top management of the General Prosecutor’s Office was involved. They directly participated in closing of the criminal prosecution of the “black banker”. “We need 150 [thousand dollars] now. Pl [Plakhotnyuk], Sasha Moloman, prosecutors are in the share,” – Alekseev wrote to Melnikov. Then, when it became clear that to close the criminal cases against Gorbuntsov, the oligarch was also involved, Melnikov was indignant that “the prosecutor’s people had already received 250 [thousand dollars], and Plakhotnyuk was also involved, why?”.

Further, somebody Sasha (possibly Gorbuntsov’s lawyer Alexander Maloman) decided to check the results of Gorbuntsov’s “investments” through Deputy Prosecutor Igor Serbinov: “I personally checked everything on the client [German Gorbuntsov].”

As a result of the “checks” it turned out that two criminal cases “investigated by Interpol are closed for sure, in respect of the third case – Morar [head of the Anticorruption Prosecutor’s Office Viorel Morar], said to share. 10 thousand. 5 in advance.”

Apparently, intractability of Morar forced the “contractors” of Gorbuntsov to “involve” the General Prosecutor Eduard Kharunzhen: “Serbinov will talk to the General Prosecutor, so that he influence Morar.” “I asked for the need to both terminate the search under the international wanted list as such, and also to close cases in Moldova. Zhenya, I do not mind paying the remainder, but we agreed on payment post facto and nothing else. Now I am offered to organize a trip of prosecutors to me [to the UK], testify against Usatii and make forgery of the documents provided here,” German Gorbuntsov wrote to his accomplice Evgeny Alekseev.

Recall that in the criminal case against Gorbuntsov, Renato Usatii acted as the injured party. The case was closed only ten days after the initiation of a “symmetric” criminal case against the leader of Our Party, where he was accused of organizing an attempt on German Gorbuntsov.

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