The recording presented to the press by the activist of “Our Party” denounce the Pinzari’s slander (AUDIO)

The authorities continue to speculate the alleged involvement of “Our Party” in the provocation against the leader of “Platform DA”, Andrei Nastase, despite the fact that the Head of General Inspectorate of Police, Alexandru Pinzari, was publicly convicted in a serious offence – the illegal wiretapping of phone conversations of opposition activists and use of these records for slander and outright lie against “Our Party”.

We remind that during the briefing, the Head of General Inspectorate of Police, Alexandru Pinzari, declared that at the police disposal were “audio-interceptions, which we are currently investigating. This is about the phone conversations between Serghei Urechean, Serghei Danadara, members and even leaders of “Our Party”, headed by Renato Usatyi. On the night of July 29, they talked about organizing actions with objective of provocation, which had to take place in the night before the protest” – Pinzari declared.

We emphasize that the records of the illegal wiretapping of private conversations of the activist of “Our Party”, Serghei Urecheanu, and the text with slanderous content were published on the official website of the General Inspectorate of Police, where they continue to be until now.

This lie was exposed at the press conference held on August 1, attended by the activist of “Our Party”, Serghei Urecheanu. Urecheanu has demonstrated to journalists his own record of the conversation with his friend, which was made using a public program installed on the Smartphone. Namely on that fragment of the record invoked Alexandru Pinzari, accusing “Our Party” of provocative actions.

The journalists participating in the press-conference were able to verify the provocative and absurd statements of the Head of General Inspectorate of Police, Alexandru Pinzari. Obviously, that he can’t prove his affirmations by anything rather than the reference to the word “action”, which Pinzari considers to be “preparation for provocation.”

However, as Serghei Urecheanu explained, in reality, the conversation with his friend, involved a night action for meeting of the activists of “Our Party” released from detention who were detained during the protest on July 19, in front of the parliament. The ten-day deadline expired exactly in the night of July 29.

It should be noted that today, on August 2, “Our Party” has officially addressed to the General Prosecutor of Republic of Moldova, Eduard Harujen, with the request to bring

to justice those who are responsible for the illegal intercepting of private phone conversations.

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