“Partidul Nostru” a semnat un acord de colaborare cu PLDR (FOTO, VIDEO)

„Partidul Nostru” a semnat astăzi, 14 martie, un acord de colaborare cu Partidul Liberal Democrat din Rusia (PLDR), condus de Vladimir Jirinovski. Semnarea a avut loc la Moscova, în oficiul PLDR. În cadrul procesului de negocieri privind semnarea acordului de colaborare pe linie de partid a participat o delegație reprezentativă a „Partidului Nostru”, care a mers în capitala Rusiei. Aceasta a fost condusă de liderul PN, Renato Usatîi.

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According to the leader of the LDPR Vladimir Zhirinovsky, Russian Liberal Democrats are ready for all forms of cooperation with Our Party. “I like Our Party best,” stressed Zhirinovsky,” so we’re ready to all forms of interparty cooperation, exchange of delegations, expanding contacts through youth structures — between the youth fracture of LDPR and the same organization in Our Party.”

Vladimir Zhirinovsky is certain that cooperation between the LDPR and Our Party will also contribute to the development of Moldavian-Russian relations. “We will go forward together so that young generations of Moldova and Russia could be proud of their respective countries’ great past and present. In 30th-40th they will become the new elite of Moldova and Russia. They need to get to know each other and build relationships.”

During the signing session the leader of the LDPR noted that he is well familiar with Moldova: “We stand for having good relations with Moldova, I once traveled all around it, visited Gaugazia and Transnistria too.”

The leader of Our Party Renato Usatii said: “It is a big honor for me to be here today with our delegation from Moldova. Back when I was a Soviet scholar, I’ve always been looking at the LDPR, and I knew no less about it than those who lived in Russia, and you were right to note that we were all born in one big country, and then we got separated.” “You are a world-level politician, and have demonstrated your patriotism and loyalty to Russia multiple times to millions of voters. We are Moldova’s patriots, and that’s why I returned in Moldova to try and change people’s lives for the better,” Usatii told Zhirinovsky. “I’m glad that many Moldavian mass media sources compared me to you and called me “Moldavian Zhirinovsky,” noted Renato Usatii.

Usatii said that Our Party has things to learn from the LDPR and told everyone about the path that the political formation walked in two years after its foundation. Usatii informed the LDPR leader about repressions and iniquity against the party, faked criminal cases against the activists and leaders of Our Party. Having said that, Renato Usatii thanked Vladimir Zhirinovsky for his support back in 2014 when Our Party was illegally withdrawn from the election. Zhirinovsky replied that he is certain that “if the elections were fair in Moldova, Our Party would have a powerful fraction in the Parliament.” “Perhaps you would form the government yourself,” suggested the leader of the LDPR.

The leader of Our Party also spoke about manipulations of the ruling regime in Moldova before the presidential campaign, when the Constitution was changed to artificially raise age requirements for president candidates and to not let Usatii participate. “We don’t have democracy in Moldova. Moldova is a seized state, and oligarch Plahotniuc with dubious reputation is in charge of all the governing processes,” claimed Usatii. “There are pocket judges, prosecutors. Once in a few months they still imprison out allies and activists. Criminal proceedings were instigated against almost all the leaders of Our Party.

Just like the leader of Our Party has claimed, the ruling regime is trying to discredit their political formation in the international arena as well. “If you listen to Moldavian Prosecutor’s General and the leaders of the Interior Ministry, then all our leaders are criminals. Back when we just started our political activity, we didn’t have a single criminal case on us, not in one country,” he noted. Vladimir Zhirinovsky also stressed that fighting oligarchs is one of the LDPR’s priorities. “You have Plahotniuc on the loose, some other oligarchs are in Kiev, and we have our own. We’ve got many things in common, and we are ready to all forms of cooperation.”

The leader of Our Party stressed the urgency of dealing with work migration of the citizens of Moldova working in the Russian Federation. “I’m sure that we can improve the situation with your support. Hundreds of thousands of our citizens work in Russia.” Noting that there’s progress looming in this field thanks to the amnesty for Moldavian citizens for minor migration violations in the Russian Federation Usatii also said: “There’s also a class of non-entry officials. And thank God! Or they could steal something on their way, like they stole that billion from Moldavian banks.”

During the conversation Vladimir Zhirinovsky spoke in favor of restoring economic relations between Russia and Moldova. “Weren’t Moldavian vegetables, fruit, and wine not good enough? Is it really cheaper to purchase those from Chili than to deliver from Moldova on trucks?” he asked. The leader of the LDPR said that Russia and Moldova have a lot in common. “We have same space, we are united by language, since 300 million people speak Russian today. We are united by the Orthodox Church.”

Renato Usatii invited a delegation from the LDPR to visit the 5th extraordinary Congress of Our Party, which is to take place on the 18th of March in Kishinev. Vladimir Zhirinovsky agreed, and then invited Renato Usatii and a delegation from Our Party to celebrate 30 years anniversary of the LDPR in December 2019 in Moscow.

Ties have been expanding between Our Party and the LDPR for quite a long time; a few meetings of Renato Usatii and Vladimir Zhirinovsky took place in the last couple of years. Earlier Renato Usatii mentioned that there’s a cooperation agreement in process of developing. The LDPR is the oldest party in Russia, the first political party after 75 years long reign of the CPSU. The Liberal Democratic Party was founded back in Soviet Union, on the 13th of December, 1989. There are over 300,000 people all over Russia among members of the LDPR. Regional branches of the party are present in 85 regions of the Russian Federation. 2296 offices are open.

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