Renato Usatyi: The impact of the forthcoming parliamentary elections on Plahotniuc-Dodon tandem will be dramatic

The impact of the forthcoming parliamentary elections on tandem Plahotniuc-Dodon will be dramatic. According to the leader of “Our Party”, Renato Usatyi, the fight will be very hard and citizens must win it.


“People finally realized that Igor Dodon is entirely subordinated to Vladimir Plahotniuc. It would be a major blow to them [authorities] in the parliamentary elections. Whatever they do, the fight will be very hard. This is a fight we can win, because it will be the last for the citizens of Moldova. Otherwise, only those who cannot leave the country will remain”, – the chairman of “Our Party” said on the air of JurnalTV.

In this context, Usatyi stressed that he will “take care of Dodon” in the parliamentary elections. “On the center-left flank, I’m actually the only one. I do not know what will Vladimir Voronin do until the fall. I will continue to go forward without geopolitics. I will take care of Dodon. I have to put him back in his place”, – Usatyi said.

“What is important to me is that he [Dodon] be held accountable to the citizens for all dirty tricks committed alone or along with the DPM”, – the leader of OP summed up.