Usatyi and Grigorisin participate in the Moscow Urban Forum at the invitation of the mayor of Moscow

The leader of “Our Party” Renato Usatyi and Mayor of Balti Nicolae Grigorisin participate for the third consecutive year in the Moscow Urban Forum – a respectable international conference in the Russian capital. The participants of Moscow Urban Forum have the opportunity to study the trends of modern city policy, to see the best examples of solving infrastructure problems and to understand ways of transforming the urban environment into a comfortable living space.


In a live broadcast, Renato Usatyi recommended to all those who want to change the quality of life in Moldova, to study the project experience of the urban forum:

– The more such events are replicated, the more we will gain that experience, we will get that knowledge, we will see new things that, unfortunately, aren’t actually in Moldova, – Renato Usatyi said, adding that this experience will make life better in Moldova.

Moscow Urban Forum is an international conference in the field of urban planning, architecture, economics and strategic planning of cities. This forum is created for the discussion of projects’ concepts of urban policy and the development of urban spaces.

The forum brings together representatives of city administrations of Russia and the whole world, architects, city planners, developers, managers of financial companies, investors, technological start-ups, representatives of media and citizens. In 2018 the main subject announced: “Megapolis of the future. New space for living”.