Usatyi: Moldovan politicians don’t need Moldova, we need it. And we cannot afford to make mistakes!

The chairman of “Our Party” Renato Usatyi congratulated the citizens on the Independence Day of the Republic of Moldova. The opposition leader noted that today “Moldovan politicians don’t needed Moldova: they will extort it and throw it out. We need Moldova.” Renato Usatyi wished to the citizens “courage, responsibility, dignity and utmost diligence”. In his opinion, “we still have very little time to change our destiny, but we cannot afford to make mistakes” – Renato Usatyi wrote on his Facebook page:


– Moldova celebrates the birthday of its independence, but there are no motives for fun. A small country is lost, and its people are leaving. Not a day passes by that I do not think about it. What we have achieved? We became an anti-example. “Look at us and never do that”.

Moldova is like a testing ground, where social and political experiments are made. Namely here their results make themselves felt faster, and look more contrast. Probably, due to the size of the country and some nuances of its internal content. With the example of Moldova, everyone saw how the mafia interlock with the state and becomes power. How corruption acquires the features of a system-building phenomenon, state institutions turn into their opposite, and under the banner of European integration a totalitarian regime of a new type is built, with selective repression against the opposition and carpet propaganda bombing of all citizens. The world also learned about the new type of social contract: “Those who do not like the situation – please leave the country, and those who stay here – keep quiet”. One-day people will write books on this phenomena, but it does make us feel better. In general, as it is said, “birthday is a sad holiday”. We still have very little time to change our destiny, but cannot afford to make mistakes. I want to wish my compatriots. Don’t allow yourself to be deceived again. Moldovan politicians don’t need Moldova: they will extort it and throw it out. We need Moldova”. – Renato Usatyi wrote on his Facebook page.

The Declaration on the Independence of the Republic of Moldova was adopted by the country’s parliament on August 27, 1991 on the basis of the decision of the Grand National Assembly. Prior to Moldova, Baltic countries, Georgia, Armenia and Ukraine, declared their independence.

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