Time for Good Initiatives: Renato Usatyi Foundation celebrated its second anniversary

Today, July 17, marked 2 years since Renato Usatyi Charitable Foundation was registered in 2015 on the initiative of Renato Usatyi. The Foundation was the first charitable institution in the Republic of Moldova, which was established to support local initiatives in cities and villages throughout Moldova, the development of regional infrastructure both in the northern regions of the country and throughout the country, and to assist institutions and organizations that have a social orientation.


For two actual years of its activity, from July 2015 to July 2017, Renato Usatyi Foundation has already sent more than 30 million lei for financial support of projects across the country. Among the most ambitious initiatives – infrastructure assistance to cities and villages of Moldova in almost all regions of the country. Money allocated by the fund was used to put in order the area, to install children’s playgrounds, to buy communal equipment, which was urgently needed in urban households.

The Foundation made serious investments by over the past years in the development of Moldovan medicine, the acquisition of the most modern medical equipment and tools, such as for the municipal clinical hospital of Balti, helping those who are in dire need of complex operations. The foundation pays a special attention to education, providing material assistance to educational institutions, among them – the State University named after Alecu Russo, the Theoretical Lyceum named after A. Pushkin, Theoretical Lyceum named after Miguel Cervantes.

Serious projects have been implemented in the development of children and youth sports. Material assistance, including special sports equipment, was provided to the football school, basketball academies, boxing and tennis in the northern capital, Vulcanesti football club, the Sambo Federation of Moldova, the Equestrian Federation, and other sports institutions. The Foundation also helped the law enforcement bodies: a new uniform for the municipal police of Balti was acquired by fund assistance. Financial support was provided to cultural institutions, including the Theater Union, the Museum of History and Ethnography.

The projects of Renato Usatyi Foundation are always aimed at real improvement of the situation in a concrete settlement, in a boarding school, in a sports school, in a medical facility, in a nursing home, and in many other areas where people and good beginnings need support or require urgent financial help. Material assistance was provided to many citizens and communities – Orthodox churches, public organizations. The Fund has always paid special attention to veterans of the Great Patriotic War and veterans of the war in Afghanistan. With the help of Renato Usatyi Foundation, concerts and festival programs were organized in dozens of cities and villages during temple festivals. Traditionally, the Fund annually finances regular programs: Christmas caravans, Easter gifts, social dining rooms.

“We are open for cooperation with all those who want to help in the development of our Country, Moldova, those who sees to help those in need and disadvantaged in our country,” says Elena

Gritco, the chairman of the organization of Renato Usatyi Foundation, on the two-year anniversary of the organization.

Renato Usatyi Foundation has new routes and new initiatives aimed at improving people’s lives in the Republic of Moldova.

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